Credit to @simonsinek

Ever heard the phrase “People don’t leave their jobs, they leave managers”? 

According to Officevibe, a staggering 51% of people are looking to leave their jobs and 41% of employees feel that their Leadership teams don’t contribute positively towards the company culture.  The good news is if employees believe in their managers, there is plenty of evidence to show that they are prepared to work longer hours and stay longer with an organisation.  Managers matter and investing in them and their skills will result in huge long term rewards for employers and ultimately improve your employee engagement levels and increase retention.  They matter so much as they are the key people that effectively help you deliver your strategy and have that daily link to your workforce.  Often managers are promoted into their roles as they have been successful in a previous role, such as sales.  This doesn’t automatically give you the skills to become a good manager – investing in your managers not only shows them they matter and allows them to develop, it gives them a greater chance of success within their roles.  Managers need a range of skills, from awareness to team building skills.  A lot of skills can be taught.

Mabella Engagement can help you coach your Leaders to develop their skills or be taught new ones and help them communicate with their teams in an engaging and informative way.  We have a range of Leadership coaches that offer bespoke coaching plans, in either a group or 121 setting.  For more information, get in touch at or visit