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So you have an amazing workforce that is aligned with your mission and values and you want to keep them.  Part of an employee feeling truly engaged is that they believe that their employer can offer them opportunities to develop, as well as motivating incentives.  Contrary to popular believe, the main reason that people leave their jobs isn’t the salary.

Do your workforce have a clear career path within the company?  This might not always be possible, especially within smaller organisations, as roles aren’t always so clear cut but have you had conversations with people to ascertain what they want?  

Do you have an effective review and appraisal scheme?

Are your incentives aligned with your values?

Are they incentives that truly motivate and inspire your workforce?

Mabella Engagement can help you look at what you currently have in place, assess whether it is working or not and improve it to enhance employee engagement.    For more information, get in touch at or visit

Tomorrow we look at Creating a Tribe!