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Ever heard “Your vibe attracts your tribe”?  Creating your tribe / community at work plays a crucial part in employee engagement.  The days of your work and personal personas being separate are gone, people want tobe able to be their authentic selves at all times.  Work and life aren’t separate, they are both just life.  When someone feels that they can be themselves at work, they are more likely to be creative as they feel totally at ease to express themselves.

You want to create a tribe where a “blame culture” isn’t the norm but instead celebrating success is!  You can’t force people to be friends but creating a sense of community can really give you competitive advantage as you have each others’ backs.  The purpose is at the forefront of what you do and aligned with your values, which improves service levels and in turn customer experience.  What you can do is create opportunities for the workforce to come together so they can build their relationships.
Making someone feel part of a community starts before their first day in the office and can really make all the difference in how quickly a new recruit can hit the ground running so make it part of your induction.

We spend a lot of time at work so creating a community where people feel that they belong is key to helping people feel supported, engaged and inspired.  

Mabella Engagement can help you by helping you communicate your culture to both employees and talent and give you the tools to create the tribe that emulates your cultural vision.  

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Tomorrow we will look at the final factor – Office environment and summarise all the key insights and have something that will help you on your way to identifying what areas you need to focus on.