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Over the last 10 days, we have looked at key insights into creating that “dream team” and enabling you to attract both customers and talent that are aligned with your values.

The final factor is to really think about the working environment that you want to create.  The space that you create needs to be a reflection of the cultural vision that you have.  Think about your core values and ask yourself, does our workspace reflect them?  For example, if one of your core values is creativity, does your workforce have a space that allows them be creative?  Have your workforce had input into what they would like?  Is it a space that facilitates a community being created?  This is something that you can have real fun with so make it count!

So let’s have a quick recap, what can a truly engaged workforce give you?

1) 20% more productivity

2) 21% more profit

3) 233% more customer loyalty

The factors to consider are:

1) Having a defined vision, mission (company purpose) and values.

2) A clearly defined cultural vision

3) Communication

4) Defined job roles

5) Leaders

6) Wellness

7) Opportunities & Rewards

8) Community

9) Working environment.

If you feel that you have an issue in any of these areas, or you aren’t sure but just feel something is missing, then please click here and download our free Employee Engagement checklist.  This will help guide you to issues that you need to address in order to achieve what your company needs.  

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