Value based interview workshops

Want the best local talent that stays?
Have you wasted another day interviewing people that just don’t “fit” culturally?


Value based interview workshops

Are you fed up of not knowing how to attract the best talent because you’re not a household brand?
Have you wasted another day interviewing people that just don’t “fit” culturally?



Who is it for?

Our workshops are for people who want the best talent, want to keep talent and create a workplace where people actually want to work.  If you are responsible for interviewing and want to know how to hire better for the company, WE WILL help you. We will explore your personal and company values, enable you to create questions and attach behaviours to those values, as well as giving you the opportunity to practice the skills discussed

What will you gain?

As an attendee, you will walk away with the confidence and ability to interview and assess candidates that are value aligned for the role and business, as opposed to making decisions purely on a “gut feel”.

As a business, attendees will be able to identify the right candidates that are the right values fit for their business, minimising the cost of bad hires, as well as improving your employer brand at the same time.

According to Oxford Economics, the average cost of replacing an employee is over £30,000.  This figure is comprised of lost productivity, agency fees for permanent and / or temporary hire,  amongst other things, so getting right is crucial to your company’s success. 

Our workshops will help you…

  • Improve your retention rates
  • Improve staff morale
  • Give you evidence to help you base your interview decision on

Next workshop:  Wednesday 17th July.

Regus, Henley on Thames

£350 PP + VAT

Second space available with 50% discount if booked by Friday 14th July

Includes all learning materials, lunch and all day refreshments.

To book your place please use the form, or email us at for further dates and more information. 

Book your place.

The 1 day workshops are hosted twice a month at a variety of locations across Berkshire. Cost is £350 pp + VAT and includes lunch and all day refreshments.  Maximum group size of 8.  Discounts are available for group bookings.  Courses can also be run onsite.

There is also a half day option.  Please contact us at for dates and more information.